26 October, 2007

Right here right now..

the new years eve is coming soon....just makes me think about the time I came to brazil...which was about three years back...a lot has changed since then...i would like to talk about my first impressions n the first few months...but tats abother post...this one is about right now...so now i´m sittin here ....in the school where i teach !!(teach!....i had never imagined three years back that i would ever teach in my life!!)_....

im sittin in the ´´resource centre´´ of the school...where there r a row of comps n books n DVDs...n students ..read smartly dressed, loaded, overworked employees slave to thier companies(as this is an english school catering to a corporate crowd)..something I used to be (except for the loaded and smartly dressed part)...

i´´m ok with this job..actually...its like a good timepass thing for me....coz..there r no real wins n no real losses...but the money is ok...plus the work one has to do for it is miniscule....compared to workin like a dog six days a week 8 to 9!!..for slightly more money.....

the only thing i used to hate about it though was when I listened to all these daily cribs n bitchings by my co-workers about students...about coordiantors...abt the pay..i used to think .cmmon...how tough is your life...!...this is nothing!!

but thinking abt it now...it does seem that mediocrity really overwhelms you..i dont mean to say that what im doing is mediocre but whatever level one is at...the troubles and pettiness of that is a black hole which can suck u in...one has to constantly think abt doin soemthing bigger n better...if u stop dreamin..n being ambitious ..not about the next level...but abt something much much beyond...its just the next level where u´ll ever reach...

i dont know if what i wrote made sense...n looks like i´ve digressed big time from what i had started to write about...but what the heck..this is what blogs r for!!!...run of the mill thoughts!!

21 October, 2007

A Strange Trilogy!

I admit...I'm materialistic...n not mere materialism ..materialism for something as "trivial" as shoes!!

I luvvvhh shoes...n bags...and those gorgeous classy ..well-fitting clothes...i'm not the kind of person though who can guiltlessly spend money on them..or can afford to.....usually search for those lovely low priced designer rip-off shops n bazaars....wowh!...there is one such market which I found in Sao Paulo...called Jose Paulinho.....Paradise on earth is what I call it!...:D..

these set of pics r not really related to this...but something I do when I'm waiting for a metro..or a bus...or my hubby to pick me up......

My Love for Ceramics

I like ceramic pots and pans......! There is something beautiful about a solid white ceramic baking dish!

I finally bought one....hubby insists he saw it first....but I think we both know who deserves the accolades....

This was the my take on Ratatouille.....the first thing I baked in this beautiful dish!!

Pizza Nite!

Margeritha n Pomodoro- the best combo ever!...basil, black olives, fresh ripe oven baked tomatoes and cheese crusting ...oozing with deliciousness!

The best pizza indaawhorld!!!!!!!!!....I like it with crushed black pepper on top and a touch of mindblowing brazillian spicy red chilli chutney. Alongwith a glass of orange juice.

Me n hubby hog on it on any Friday we can manage!

There is also a painting in the resturant which I like.

19 October, 2007

Cookin up a Salgite~

Recently watched Oprah..yes..I'm one of those people who watch Oprah!.....anyways...this show talked about eating oily fishes as one of the sure shot ways to livin till you have fake teeth, tranplanted hair, botoxed face and lipo`ed belly. Which is what..... 40?!

Well, nonethless I have started a new éating healthy lifestyle..where I willingly munch on nything green in sight. As a part of this venture I made salmon and guacamole (christened salgite..by me) last weekend. Here are some pictures for anyone interested.

A Smoky Day

Its one of those days.

Fog and mist outside. Windy.

The dewy leaves of my potted plants are quivering outside.

Everything looks wet and draped in blue mist.


Sunny days are over rated.

I so love this weather.

I'm sitting right now enveloped in a warm blanket. Just had some warm breakfast and am now sipping a dreamy fragrant camomile.


Cinema - Another love of my life!