30 March, 2008

Parallel Cinema

Just saw a movie...and thought of writing this post on my all time fav "parallel cinema" movies...

1. Suraj Ka Satva Ghoda - This is a movie by Shyam Benegal..talks about the life of a small-town person..a boy and his love interests till he transforms into a man of the world...beautifully directed and awesome portrayal by actors like Rajit Kapur...amrish puri...

2. Utsab/ Dahan/ Bariwali/ Unishe - all Rituparno Ghosh movies....all great scripts..and all well-directed...across the story of a joint family and all its drama and emotions portrayed during the few days they get together at Durga Puja...Dahan..about the courage shown by a young girl in saving a woman from being molested by a gang of boys amidst a busy metro station...Bariwali..a beautiful story of an old spinster portrayed by Kiron Kher...who gets involved in a movie shoot...and Unishe the troubled relationship between a famous mother and not-so-famous daughter

3. Ardh Satya/ Arth/ Mirch Masala - Smita Patil movies..with strong portrayal of female characters...across different strata's of society...in completely different settings ...showing the deep-seated corruption in metros...the intricacies of a broken marriage....the rebellion shown by a simple village woman in trying to protect her dignity.

4. Ek Din Achanak - a remarkable movie which shows the characters of different people in a family left puzzled by the disappearance of the father

5. Sparsh/ Ijaazat - Naseeruddin Shah in stellar performances...one as the principal of a Blind School...the other as an estranged husband...

6. Bhuvan Shome - the first new-age movie of its kind...with a one-of-its-kind performance by Utpal Dutt

7. Vijeta/ Umaro Jaan - rekha movies....both my all time fav...one for the army the other for the poetry

8. Katha - A Sai Paranjpai movie...where the slow and steady actually wins the race

9. Kamala ki Maut - set in the Mumbai Chaul...showing different families in different situations come together by the suicide of one of the tenants

10. Shatranj ke Khiladi/ Seemabaddha/ Ghare Baire/ Pratidwandi - Satyaji Ray...no descriptions required I guess!

11. Titli - an Aparna Sen movie which shows the beautiful relationship between a mother and a daughter portrayed by the real-life duo.

Well...these are about it!....love all these movies....maybe I've missed many...but these are definitely the must-see list

26 March, 2008

Sun in the sky you know how I feel...

Its amazing how the world can be such a beautiful place...inspite of everything we do it!....these snaps (some by me ..some by D) were taken from our balcony at differing times on differing days n differring months...I love the hues...its amazing! wish I lived on the beach somewhere..it would be so pretty!

17 March, 2008


Today I was rmbring that old Doordarshan clip that used to come .....Ek Titli, Anek Titliyan....rmbr?....gawd...it just brought back so many memories...eating guavas with black salt sittin in the sunny part of the balcony with my sis immersed in a book....eating rajma chawal..and some fortunate days...baigan ka bharta n raita n rice...man....i used to take it all for granted...i miss verything soo much now...the summer holidays at my nani's place...my bade papa....man...i wish i cld visit him...my nani passed away abt 6 yrs back...i never forgave myself fr not showing my love more..for being this stupid self-obsessed girl at that time...hmm....the old LP's i used to listen to at my nani's place...the mangoes...peeling one orange after another...drinking foamy elaichi milk in the night...sleeping on the terrace with all my cousins ..chatting away...telling stories..listening to stories...pickles...my mom sunning the raw mangoes on the cot in the balcony...my mom sitting in the balcony drying her long wet hair in the sun...my father reading the newspaper on a sunday morning...my sis with oil in her hair studyin sitting on the bed...all of us sitting under India Gate...with the cool breeze blowing eating ice creams and my father telling us stories about his childhood....mann!!!!!!!!!!!...i really miss it....hmm...i really miss them.....

16 March, 2008


I love mexican food....actually spicy food really does it for me....and next to Indian food ..mexican cuisine is the only one which comes close in the spice qoutient....!...i went to a restaurant here which serves amazzzin Mexican food!...and the best thing i like is the Guacamole dip or chutney..as we would call it.

Although I'm not too big on avocados...but in this dip they taste amazing...so here's the way to put it together....

You need:

1 big or 2 small avocados (for 4 ppl)
1 Green Chili
1 Tomato
1 Onion (usually they don't add onion..but I like it this way!)
Bunch of Cilantro (dhaniya)
Squeeze of one Lemon
Salt n sugar to taste


You peel the avocados and mash it well with a spoon in a big bowl....in a grinder..add diced onions...chili and cilantro...lemon juice..you can add the salt n sugar here...(1 spoon each shud be enuf). Then, take this paste ...add to the mashed avocados...then add diced tomatoes....and you're done....u can have it with tortillas....or just with bread...Deliziouuzz...

13 March, 2008

Must watch...

I just finished watching a suprisingly good movie...its called...Ten Items or Less....it was coming on the telly and I started watching it only because of Morgan Freeman..one of my fav actors...but this movie turned out to be really good...I mean...its not GREAttt or anything...but it grips you throughout..making you smile many times and then leaves you with a really nice feeling.....well...thats a good movie in my book....I recommend this movie to anyone who likes watching good movies!

Actually come to think of it...another movie which picturizes the relationship (or absence of it) between an older guy and a young woman is....The Girl in the Cafe..

its much more famous than Ten Items or Less (TIL)....but in my opinion its not as good as the latter...TIL is more earthy..less aimed at winning oscars..more likeable...so there u go...my filmi gyan for the day!

12 March, 2008

From Bee's kitchen...

I love to watch cooking shows.....actually i like to cook too but more than that i love to watch people cooking...or better still shopping for food n ingredients....yes, I'm a lil cooookieee!!(get it?!...arghh..ppl have no appreciation fr my sense of humour!!)....

Here's something I made yestdy...which wonder of wonder's da Fussy D also liked...

Actually this must be a pretty common dish in South India but here's my take on it:

Green Beans in Coconut chutney

Stuff u need:

coconut (about 1/4rth of a small coconut),
one green chilli, canola oil (1 tbspn),
garam masala,
ginger n garlic paste,
mustard seeds,
curry leaves,
french beans (enough for two ppl,
finely diced -the beans i.e.),
sugar, and
asafoetida (teeny weeny bit, way less than a pinch) ....

i havn't mentioned the portions of the spices, well its upon u...a teaspoon of vrything shud be ok!

Now for makin it:

you first have to grind the coconut, chili in a mixer. keep it aside.
Then put some oil in a hot pan, add the mustard seeds, after spluttering add cumin, then curry leaves, then ginger/garlic paste, then chopped onions, add sugar, salt, fry till brown, add the spices, then the beans.....

Then finally the paste of coconut, let it cook till beans are tender, and you have a tasty n healthy bean dish .. all ready to be hogged upon!!

I have a pic of this...tho it doesnt look very appetising (mobile phone camera sucks!!) , trust me it tastes delicious!!

11 March, 2008

8*8*8 tag....

So was tagged by the gracious 'homecooked' about 8 things....and since i have SOoooo much time....let's see how I fare...

8 things I am passionate about:

EIGHT things.....wow!!

2)My Family i.e. my mom , dad, my sis n her family
2)Music - anything soulful, definitely old over new
3)Dancing any way I like
4)Readin a good book with a good cup of coffee
5)Movies - again have said enough about this in my previous post!
6)Painting - another post
7)White beaches n blue oceans
8) Oh my gawd i forgot ..FOOOD!!!!!!...big time....food ...spicy delicious food!

8 places I want to see before I die:

I actually am not big on travelling to touristy places...but wld like to do these:
1) stay in one of those transparent floored luxurious 'huts' in Bora Bora- i think i saw this picture once in a forward!
2) stay in Tuscany in one of those old villas with a vineyard in front
3) in darjeeling in a small cottage with loads of good music..books ...food and tea.
4) in a resort i've heard of in patagonia...the pictures are awesome!
5) Venice
6) Barcelona
7) Machu Picchu
8) Zanskar Valley

8 things i say often

1) really?
2) WTF
3) Ohmagawd
4) Shid
5) Uff!
6) damn
7) Whadahell
8) Wow

come to think of it...such profound gems i spew out on a daily basis!

8 books I have recently read or reading:
1) The Age of Kali
2) Swimming Lessons
3) Down Under
4) Inheritance of Loss
5) Broken Verses
6) A Walk in the woods
7) Marley & Me
8) Women in the background

8 Songs I listen to over and over:

1) rhim jhim girey sawan (its been rainin here :)
2) mere ghar aana zindagi
3) Feelin the same way
4) When i see you- yeaaah!!! baby!! when i seeya! :D
5) Teenage dirtbag
6) Khamaj
7) ranjish hi sahi
8) aapki aankhon me

8 things that attract us to our friends:

1) Honesty
2) Witty
3) Not too cynical
4) Intelligent
6) Kind
7) aahh....everything!!!!

God this was exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinema - Another love of my life!