11 March, 2008

8*8*8 tag....

So was tagged by the gracious 'homecooked' about 8 things....and since i have SOoooo much time....let's see how I fare...

8 things I am passionate about:

EIGHT things.....wow!!

2)My Family i.e. my mom , dad, my sis n her family
2)Music - anything soulful, definitely old over new
3)Dancing any way I like
4)Readin a good book with a good cup of coffee
5)Movies - again have said enough about this in my previous post!
6)Painting - another post
7)White beaches n blue oceans
8) Oh my gawd i forgot ..FOOOD!!!!!!...big time....food ...spicy delicious food!

8 places I want to see before I die:

I actually am not big on travelling to touristy places...but wld like to do these:
1) stay in one of those transparent floored luxurious 'huts' in Bora Bora- i think i saw this picture once in a forward!
2) stay in Tuscany in one of those old villas with a vineyard in front
3) in darjeeling in a small cottage with loads of good music..books ...food and tea.
4) in a resort i've heard of in patagonia...the pictures are awesome!
5) Venice
6) Barcelona
7) Machu Picchu
8) Zanskar Valley

8 things i say often

1) really?
2) WTF
3) Ohmagawd
4) Shid
5) Uff!
6) damn
7) Whadahell
8) Wow

come to think of it...such profound gems i spew out on a daily basis!

8 books I have recently read or reading:
1) The Age of Kali
2) Swimming Lessons
3) Down Under
4) Inheritance of Loss
5) Broken Verses
6) A Walk in the woods
7) Marley & Me
8) Women in the background

8 Songs I listen to over and over:

1) rhim jhim girey sawan (its been rainin here :)
2) mere ghar aana zindagi
3) Feelin the same way
4) When i see you- yeaaah!!! baby!! when i seeya! :D
5) Teenage dirtbag
6) Khamaj
7) ranjish hi sahi
8) aapki aankhon me

8 things that attract us to our friends:

1) Honesty
2) Witty
3) Not too cynical
4) Intelligent
6) Kind
7) aahh....everything!!!!

God this was exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Homecooked said...

Hey...ur booklist is impressive :) And some of the songs I have not heard.I too love rhim jhim gire saawan.

Bee said...

Isn't it?..that song is awesome...i love the video too..!

Cinema - Another love of my life!