12 March, 2008

From Bee's kitchen...

I love to watch cooking shows.....actually i like to cook too but more than that i love to watch people cooking...or better still shopping for food n ingredients....yes, I'm a lil cooookieee!!(get it?!...arghh..ppl have no appreciation fr my sense of humour!!)....

Here's something I made yestdy...which wonder of wonder's da Fussy D also liked...

Actually this must be a pretty common dish in South India but here's my take on it:

Green Beans in Coconut chutney

Stuff u need:

coconut (about 1/4rth of a small coconut),
one green chilli, canola oil (1 tbspn),
garam masala,
ginger n garlic paste,
mustard seeds,
curry leaves,
french beans (enough for two ppl,
finely diced -the beans i.e.),
sugar, and
asafoetida (teeny weeny bit, way less than a pinch) ....

i havn't mentioned the portions of the spices, well its upon u...a teaspoon of vrything shud be ok!

Now for makin it:

you first have to grind the coconut, chili in a mixer. keep it aside.
Then put some oil in a hot pan, add the mustard seeds, after spluttering add cumin, then curry leaves, then ginger/garlic paste, then chopped onions, add sugar, salt, fry till brown, add the spices, then the beans.....

Then finally the paste of coconut, let it cook till beans are tender, and you have a tasty n healthy bean dish .. all ready to be hogged upon!!

I have a pic of this...tho it doesnt look very appetising (mobile phone camera sucks!!) , trust me it tastes delicious!!


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog and just wanted to say - Great Job!

Please keep writing.

PS- Good that you have enabled comments. :)


Homecooked said...

Wow....great looking dish!!! Nice combination of beans and coconut!

Bee said...

Hey..Thanks homecooked...actually the pic is really shabby compared to the kewl ones I saw on your and some other sites!..man...ur like a pro!...will try n post some better pics in the future! :D

Bee said...

Thanks for the kind words Swati and please keep reading!


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