30 March, 2008

Parallel Cinema

Just saw a movie...and thought of writing this post on my all time fav "parallel cinema" movies...

1. Suraj Ka Satva Ghoda - This is a movie by Shyam Benegal..talks about the life of a small-town person..a boy and his love interests till he transforms into a man of the world...beautifully directed and awesome portrayal by actors like Rajit Kapur...amrish puri...

2. Utsab/ Dahan/ Bariwali/ Unishe - all Rituparno Ghosh movies....all great scripts..and all well-directed...across the story of a joint family and all its drama and emotions portrayed during the few days they get together at Durga Puja...Dahan..about the courage shown by a young girl in saving a woman from being molested by a gang of boys amidst a busy metro station...Bariwali..a beautiful story of an old spinster portrayed by Kiron Kher...who gets involved in a movie shoot...and Unishe the troubled relationship between a famous mother and not-so-famous daughter

3. Ardh Satya/ Arth/ Mirch Masala - Smita Patil movies..with strong portrayal of female characters...across different strata's of society...in completely different settings ...showing the deep-seated corruption in metros...the intricacies of a broken marriage....the rebellion shown by a simple village woman in trying to protect her dignity.

4. Ek Din Achanak - a remarkable movie which shows the characters of different people in a family left puzzled by the disappearance of the father

5. Sparsh/ Ijaazat - Naseeruddin Shah in stellar performances...one as the principal of a Blind School...the other as an estranged husband...

6. Bhuvan Shome - the first new-age movie of its kind...with a one-of-its-kind performance by Utpal Dutt

7. Vijeta/ Umaro Jaan - rekha movies....both my all time fav...one for the army the other for the poetry

8. Katha - A Sai Paranjpai movie...where the slow and steady actually wins the race

9. Kamala ki Maut - set in the Mumbai Chaul...showing different families in different situations come together by the suicide of one of the tenants

10. Shatranj ke Khiladi/ Seemabaddha/ Ghare Baire/ Pratidwandi - Satyaji Ray...no descriptions required I guess!

11. Titli - an Aparna Sen movie which shows the beautiful relationship between a mother and a daughter portrayed by the real-life duo.

Well...these are about it!....love all these movies....maybe I've missed many...but these are definitely the must-see list


Homecooked said...

Hey...you've got a nice list there.My parents are huge fans of Smitha Patil.I loved Arth and Katha.Dont remember seeing the others.

Mahogany said...

Hm, all great but there's one quirky movie that you did not list: In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones

Cinema - Another love of my life!