30 January, 2008

i am getting fat!!

i used to sneer at women obssessed with eating habits...used to laugh at people doing various diets...till late 20's and early 30's happened!....oh my gawd...life has never been the same...i completely undtsnd what all the pppl were obsessing abt...yes...i too can ...and AM getting fat....i always had the rule...if i fit into my old jeans ..doesnt matter,..but alas...the slow progression of growin out of of that pair...was something i never became aware of...or maybe i was sub consciously trying to avoid!...

every day i tell myself today i will do yoga...today i will go for a walk!....but...lethargy is addictive,....i switch on my comp and dunno where the time goes!!!!!.....but no....i will be resolute...


ohh gawd...another day!!

gets me vrytime..

some of the cheap limericks which my wide-eyed 7 year old cousin used to recite forcefully ..when we visited them during my summer holidays..i was in 10th in school then...very impressionable age .some say

dekh upar taraa chamke...
dekh upar taraa chamke...
woh dekh neeche tera naada lamke

some which my hubby remembers from his innocence-filled, harmless childhood days...

there was a man from madras
he had balls made of brass
when he ate a lot one night
lightening shot out of his arse

28 January, 2008

Thank You...

Just read something and felt like writing this...dunno if they'll ever read this...but just wanted to put it out...

Thank you Mummy Papa,

For the amazing amount of sacrifices you made to make me what I am today.
For the way you fought with a world and society where having a daughter is considered a liability
For believing in me...trusting me...sometimes even when I didnt stand upto it
For putting your children before anything else..
For trying to protect us against the world and sometimes even against ourselves
For not reciprocating and for taking all the teenage angst I threw at you
For bearing with the mean things I may have said in my absolute and complete stupidities
For saving when everything else failed
For being my last resort ...always
For making me study harder at school and college
For making me believe I could do a lot better everytime
For understanding my mood swings and putting up with them
For accepting D without any hang-ups, inspite of the different background
For throwing such a beautiful wedding, which cost you your savings
For facing the issues of 'gifting' during my marriage, even though it was everything against what we have grown up on and been taught to believe by you
For not only facing them but doing it with love just to make me happy
For boundlessly loving your son-in-laws without ever asking for the same level of love in return
For being socially politically correct..always being a little more polite to your samdhins..(ohhh!!hateful!!).
Inspite of my continued objections... continuing to give them gifts all the time...calling more times...way more than you get in return..even in terms of thank you calls
For continually worrying about my well-being...
For still advising me on everything...much needed
For loving unconditionally always, never demanding anything back, for being my pillars

Aamir Khan's blog...

Did "y'all" know that Aamir Khan writes a blog!..and a gud one too!!...check out the link!!....read some interesting bloggin there!



Just watched Dumb n Dumber...beats any intellectual ...thriller ..ny movie ive ever seen....it always cracks me up!!!

23 January, 2008


Isn't this just delectable!

how far we've come..

never knew it would be like this...i mean life is so drastically different from 3 years back....some good some bad...but mostly good...sometimes the future seems scary because of the uncertainty of it....but one has to go on...life seems to revolve arnd D these days...not that i regret..he is very caring and sensitive...n ever the dahlin of my parents...but wish i had more of my own stuff to focus on...hope i will be more at peace with myself in the near future..

17 January, 2008

New Year!..in Floripa

New Year..shifted to Floripa....its beautiful here....this place has one of the best beaches ..the best people (so far!!)...its amazing...here are some pictures to entice you to this side of the world!

Cinema - Another love of my life!